The Safer Choice

Book chapters

Why do people produce such poor risk assessments? I’m writing a book about risk assessment, drawing together everything I’ve learn in consultancy, training and in researching articles.
I’d love your help. Read my book, chapter by chapter, and your feedback could appear in my book.

I’ve laid out the plan for the chapters below – some are already drafted, a few are just notes and old articles that need pulling together (or pulling apart). Some titles might change, but this should give you an indication of the content and structure of the book.

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Chapter 1: This starts with the theory behind the simple phrase ‘identify the hazards’ – and why it isn’t always as straightforward as it might first appear

Chapter 2: Better identification through better understanding of what you are assessing

Chapter 3: Using simple flowcharts to identify hazards – they may not be what you think they are

Chapter 4: How to meet your duty of care, and make sure you don’t leave anyone out of your risk assessments

Chapter 5:The theory and poor practice in evaluating the risk, assessing and controlling the hazard

Chapter 6: Dealing with essential controls before you consider ‘reasonably practicability’

Chapter 7: The theory of assessment

Chapter 8: Assessment without a matrix

Chapter 9: Assessment with a better matrix (if you insist!)

Chapter 10: Assesment – test your matrix

Chapter 11: The theory of control

Chapter 12: Better ways of documenting and monitoring controls

Chapter 13: The theory of documenting your findings, and where it goes wrong

Chapter 14: How to document your findings better – using other documents

Chapter 15: How to document your findings better – the risk assessment package

Chapter 16: Reviewing assessments, or reviewing controls? The theory and where it goes wrong

Chapter 17: Effective and timely reviews of risk assessments and controls

Appendix 1: Case studies

Appendix 2: Answers to questons posed in each chapter

I might add a glossary, and I probably need to add an introduction, so please do use the Contact form to tell me what you’d find helpful in the book.