Bridget is available for presentations, panels, debates and webinars on a wide variety of safety topics.  For examples of topics she has written about see:

Technology in health and safety

Robots & cobots - meet your new colleagues. Some of the opportunities – and challenges – or working alongside robots.

Robots at Amazon UK. An account of a visit to the Amazon warehouse in Tilbury, where robots work alongside pickers and packers.

Alternative Realities. Provides an introduction to health and safety professionals on VR, and how it can be used in occupational training

Feeling the heat. A summary of a visit to see the Nottingham University project to use heat and smell as part of fire safety training.

Virtually perfect. How do the outcomes of training using virtual reality stack up against conventional, real-world training?


Health & safety, psychology and learning

Lexicon for IOSH Magazine. A series of articles (A-Z, twice) explaining, and sometimes demolishing, concepts and terminology used in occupational health and safety.

Clear your head. Cognitive bias in accident and incident investigation

The Right Fit. An article on how different learning tools can be blended to create a great learning experience, from traditional classroom, to new experiences with virtual reality

Taken to task. An article explaining how task analysis should be as much of a tool for OSH professionals as is risk assessment.

Back on course. How training providers have adapted essential health and safety training to cope with social distancing (written with Louis Wustemann)


Learning from...

This was a series of articles showing what OSH professionals could learn from other professions. Note that author credits were removed from many articles on the IOSH website when the publisher changed, but they are all my own work!

Quality managers

Software developers

Behavioural economists

Safety critical assurance

Health psychologists

Lean Sigma Six black belts

Expert Witnesses



You can listen to Bridget in some webinars by clicking any of the links below, or visit The Safer Choice YouTube account.

2020 Health and Safety Checklist
February 2020

(with Richard Collins of and Darragh Geoghegan)

Growing Safety Engagement in the Workplace
October 2019

(with Kevin Hard and Darragh Geoghegan, Effective Software)

ISO 45001 - Understanding the benefits and pitfalls of accreditation
July 2019

(with Declan McLogan, Sean O’Sullivan, Effective Software)

2019 Health and Safety Checklist
February 2019

(with Derek McStea and Billy O’Brien, Effective Software)

Gross Negligence Manslaughter
November 2018

(with Nick McMahon or RPC and Billy O’Brien, Effective Software)

ISO 45001
April 2018

(with Julian Roberts, Essential Skillz and Darragh Geoghegan, Effective Software)

March 2018

(with Joanne Shepherd, Blackpool and the Weald College)


Fee for intervention
December 2017

(with Nick McMahon, RPC)


Fire Risk Assessments
November 2017

(with Dave Stevens and Billy O’Brien, Effective Software)

Why DSE Assessment means more than Sit-Stand Desks
September 2017

(with Julian Roberts, Essential Skillz) 


 The future of ISO 45001
April 2017

(with Chris Ward, IMS Global Standards)


Consequences of BREXIT for Health & Safety
February 2017

(with Billy O’Brien, Effective Software)

Here are some examples of Bridget in action:

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