The Safer Choice

Environmental policy

This is a growing policy, and as I face challenges in my work post-pandemic, I will add to this page, to hold myself to account as well as to give potential clients visibility of my approach. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions or questions.

Travel policy

If your business is within a 5-mile radius of HP16, I will walk or cycle where practical.

If your business is in Birmingham or London, I will travel by train where practical.

If your business is within a two-hour drive, and it is not practical to come by train, I will drive if the meeting requires me to be on-site, or is longer than two hours.

If your business is longer than four hours away (by car or by train), the work would need to be either quite specialist or for a sufficiently long duration, to make travel worthwhile for us both.

If your business would require me to fly to make it practical, please consider if you can find someone nearer! I haven’t ruled out flying, but as with other travel, the duration of the work needs to be sufficiently long and specialist to justify the CO2.

‘where practical’

If I have a lot of equipment to carry I am more likely to need to drive, so if otherwise I could walk, cycle or use the train, let’s talk about how we can avoid my having to bring laptops, projectors, manuals etc to your worksite.

Tree dying because of environmental damage