My training uses an active learning approach, with examples tailored to the audience, and all students motivated to take part.  See Training for more information.

Health and safety consultancy

gate releaseThis covers a wide range of tasks, from reviewing and improving your health and safety procedures, to working out why people made mistakes, and training them to not to.

If you’re looking for a full-time health and safety manager, I’m not the person for you, but I have previously helped organisations to recruit a permanent health and safety manager, providing support with CV sifting, interviewing and in-job mentoring.


E-learning and other safety related software reviews and advice

photocopier 2My first degree was computer science and psychology, so I like to think I know what computers can do, as well as what people are capable of remembering and learning.  When I worked for British Telecom (BT) I sat in darkened rooms watching people attempt to use directory enquiry systems and network management systems.  I learnt a lot about what people like and don’t like about computers.  Since 1996 I have reviewed over 100 software products and websites related to health and safety for Health and Safety at Work Magazine.  If my ability to criticise your e-learning programme, safety management system or website navigation would be useful to you, get in touch.


Whilst I’m happy to travel to deliver training, or for consultancy work where I believe I have a unique talent, auditing is not a specialist skill, so seriously, it’s only cost-effective to use me for this sort of work if I live near you.

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