If you’re more interested in what I do, then here are some examples of the projects I have carried out for clients:

  • Reduced bureaucracy Open or Close

    Reduced bureaucracy and improved contractor control

    I reviewed the pages and pages of contractor documentation that an organisation had, determined what information was actually needed to manage risk and how much effort contractors would put into this process.  I cut the whole process down to a three-page pre-arrival document, plus a short form to be completed on arrival.  I trained staff on how to use the new procedures, and then tweaked the forms when they came back to me with suggestions once they started to use them. 

    Outcome: The contractor management process is quicker and more effective at controlling hazards.

  • Threw away PowerPoint Open or Close

    Threw away PowerPoint and taught supervisors to do their own training

    An important part of risk management is making sure people know what to do – there are plenty of examples of prosecutions of organisations that thought it was obvious to put the hand brake on, not to work at height on your own, or not to climb on fragile roofs.  Where organisations can’t demonstrate that they provide regular training and instruction, they are often convicted.  But you don’t need a Chartered Health and Safety Professional to come in once and year and remind people of straight forward controls.  So, given a list of topics that a facilities team needed regular training on, I worked with the staff for several weeks, taking photographs of the work they do, the tools they use and the places they work.  I compiled these into short picture-based training sessions.  I wrote a script for the supervisor, based on asking questions to the other staff rather than telling them what to do, and then trained them to deliver the talks to their teams.  The content is delivered using a paper-based easel, so people can be instructed anywhere, any time.

    Outcome: Supervisors have become more confident in delivering short training sessions to remind staff of basic safety controls – and the organisation can demonstrate they have met their duty to instruct, inform and train.

  • Why people made mistakes Open or Close

    Worked out why people made mistakes, and trained them to not to!

    A safety critical warehousing operation had been picked up by their regulator for a series of errors.  I spent time with the staff to understand why these errors were being made.  The procedures they were following were difficult to understand, and people were unclear what went on elsewhere on the site.  I re-wrote some of the procedures, and developed and presented workshops to engage different groups of staff and managers, and to promote understanding of the “critical control points” in their operations.

    Outcome: there was a noticeable change in the attitudes towards safety, and a measurable reduction in the number of “mis-picks” in the warehouse.

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