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There are no “safe” choices in life or at work – we can only make the “safer” choice, and that has to consider what we are trying to do.  Life is full of risks, and they can’t all be eliminated – what matters is how we manage those risks.

The UK health and safety law is actually very sensible – all organisations need to manage their business activities to ensure the health and safety of their employees, customers, and anyone else who can be affected by their business, “so far as is reasonably practicable.”  This term (abbreviated as “SFAIRP”) confuses people – it doesn’t mean you have to reduce risks as much as possible.  There is no “zero risk” and legal cases have demonstrated again and again that courts do not expect business to manage risks that are “trival or fanciful.”

I have spent a lot of time researching legal cases for articles in the health and safety press on how courts interpret “SFAIRP”, significant risk, foreseeability of risk and other principles that impact on how we manage safety.

As a result, I believe I can help businesses to make sensible decisions about how to make “the safer choice” – not how to be risk free, but to make choices about which risks can be eliminated, which controlled, and which accepted as part of running a business.

bridget leathley hsAbout me

I am safety professional with a human factors background.  If you are interested in qualifications, I am a Chartered member of IOSH (CMIOSH - that’s the safety bit) as well as a Chartered Psychologist (I’m an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, or AFBPS – that’s the human factors bit). 

If you’re more interested in what I do, see some example project summaries.

Where I work

I have some long term contracts for regular clients in London, Oxford and in Ireland, but I’d like to do more work locally, in and around the HP16 area.  Although I’m happy to travel further afield for the right work, this map shows you where I’d like to work more often! 

If your workplace is within this area, I can offer you significant discounts off my daily and project rates.  It’s about quality of life and wellbeing, and I want to practise what I teach.

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